Villa Pardoes is a nonprofit organization in Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands which organizes holidays for children with life-threatening diseases. Villa Pardoes is not government funded and lives of donations and volunteers. The problem the organization faced is that their current website is old and very user unfriendly. Therefore, a complete redesign was desired.

Villa Pardoes

My role:
Webdesign, Branding, Mobile design
Villa Pardoes


It was my task to create the complete UX and UI for the new website for Villa Pardoes. LiveWall's Art Director guided me through this project.

Apart from the website, Villa Pardoes wanted a us to look at their brand identity and give it a renewed, modern touch. I designed a complete new brand guide for Villa Pardoes. This included a modern version of their brand colours, graphic elements representing their ‘snail mascotte’ and new, slick typography that could be used in their online communications.

The goal

On Villa Pardoes' old website, it was difficult to find information. This disrupted the process of donating money or applying as a volunteer. Therefore, the new website should be user friendly for all visitors of Villa Pardoes and should make the donate process as easy as possible.

It was essential to guide these people to the information they needed, in the easiest way possible.

For the website, it was important to consider Villa Pardoes' most important target groups:

- Families interested in visiting the villa

- People and organizations who want to donate money to the charity

- Potential volunteers

The process

After the debrief I started off with making a flowchart and the first wireframes. During the process I was in close contact with the development team who eventually were responsible for the front-end and back-end development of the website. This helped me to know which functionalities would work the best. 

When all the wireframes were approved, I started implementing the brand styles to the wireframes to create pixel perfect mockups.

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