LiveWall created several web-based games for McDonalds Belgium to create engagement around their brand and products. Earlier games were: McFlurry Ninja and Frieshit. As a partner of KBVB (Royal Belgian Football Association), McDonalds Belgium wished to create a strong interaction with Belgium football fans around de matches of the Belgium football team. Therefore McDonalds asked LiveWall to create a new web-based game called “Spot the ball”.

Spot The Ball

Mobile design
My role:
UI design
McDonalds Belgium

The game

In this game, users see images of different important football situations in which the actual football is made invisible. It’s the football fan’s task to ‘spot the ball’  by tapping on a certain spot the image. The closer the guess to the actual ball, the more points the user gets. The winner of the game wins tickets to one of the matches.

The goal

McDonalds’ objectives were to get in contact with potential customers, to gain stronger engagement around the brand and products, to create a positive connection between McDonalds and Belgium football, to stimulate app downloads and to get more customers in the McDonalds stores.

The look and feel of the app had to match the new McDonalds branding. This contains light colors and flat design.

The process

In the process of designing this game I worked closely with LiveWall's Art Director and developers. I was responsible for the UI design of the game.

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