Our society won't become sustainable through the effort of one person or one organization. It is a common goal that we can only achieve together, hence the high importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing. With this idea in mind, my team and I created a platform that supports collaboration amongst students towards sustainable actions, and empowers them to get their sustainable ideas off the ground.


My role:
Concept Development, UI Design, Character Design
HvA Waste Department
Master Digital Design


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, together with the Municipality of Amsterdam is fighting to reach the sustainability goals while offering the same quality of educational experience at the same time. Through research, my team and I found that students often have great ideas to make the University Greener, but don't know how to realize them. At the same time, the University's green office struggles to get student's interest to collaborate. We felt the need to bring stakeholders together and provide them with a space to talk about sustainability-related topics and start green challenges.

The goal

Our goal was to encourage communication around sustainability between students and at the same time connect them with the right people to realize their ideas. Through a platform, we aim to connect students with the Green Office, which can guide them through the process of starting sustainable initiatives and provide them with a budget or connections. For the University, we aimed to create a system that they can use to manage their sustainable goals.

The platform

We designed the platform GreenCampus. On this platform, students can start sustainable challenges, join other challenges or get knowledgeable about sustainability topics as waste management and energy. Within the platform we designed two dashboards for two different roles: the student dashboard is meant to give students an overview of their active challenges and statistics. From here, they can also join conversations. The admin dashboard is meant for University and Green Office workers. They can moderate challenges, see the statistics of current challenges or start blogposts.

In January 2021, GreenCampus received a Go Gamechangers Award for the best solution in the category of digitization. This award is given to the most innovative, daring, kind, special, or brave initiative that has to do with social, ecological, and/or economical sustainability. Our team was chosen among many for bringing innovation that supports the university's sustainable goals.

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