John Kraan
Schilderwerken - Website

"We absolutely recommend Lara if you want a beautiful, well-functioning website.  It was a very pleasant collaboration and very well arranged. You can count on her."



John Kraan is a painter with more than 30 years of experience in his profession. Since 2005 he has his own business. He provides his customers with high-quality, sustainable paintings. He shares his expertise by providing advice on wall finishing, color, and wallpaper advice.


The goal 

John had his own website which showed his services and skills. As time passed by and technology and design progressed, he realized his website was ready for an update. It was very dated, not user-friendly, and not responsive. John also wished for more flexibility. The current website was static and did not have the possibility to upload images or change the copy.  He was ready for a website that accurately represented his business and helps to attract new clients. 

The website

I identified 5 main elements for his website. 

  • An attractive homepage that summarizes the subpages

  • A clear overview of the services John provides

  • A gallery page which shows a portfolio of his work

  • A contact page where clients can get in touch easily

  • A new logo


The new website is straight forward and clear. The color palette I used creates a professional look and feel. The brush elements and animations on the website give it a playful touch. The new website creates a fresh feeling for John’s business. John is now able to keep the website up to date by the possibility to upload new images from the projects he works on.