Product Design

Assignment: Introduce a new, tech-related product/service to the market and create a business plan for it.

Stakeholders: Stuttgart Media University

My role: Product Design, Brand Design, Social Media

From the 1st September 2017 until the 2nd of February 2018 I studied at Stuttgart Media University, south Germany, under the minor, Media Management as part of an international exchange. For the Media Management minor, I grouped together with three other international students to create a product/ service and the branding around it.


We started to brainstorm as a group and tossed around ideas. We eventually came up with a product that acted as a solution for a common problem that people face in restaurants and bars: room temperature drinks and slow service. We invented a gadget for bars and restaurants to improve their service: a coaster which cools and heats drinks and calls a waiter to the table. We created a brand around the coaster and called it ‘Island’, because the coaster acts like an island on the table. To market our brand we created social media pages, graphics, and posters.


Below is an explanation of the product:    

On a daily basis, customers at restaurants, cafes and bars are facing the same problem: keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Another issue is how limited staff can struggle to serve customers. This is where ‘Island’ solves these two issues by heating hot drinks and cooling cold drinks through an internal temperature system, and installing a waiter-call button into the coaster for a ‘one-touch’ service. The coaster also has long-term potential as the surface of the coaster acted as an additional advertising space for third party companies.

During this project, I took on the role as a (concept) product designer and brand designer. This contains the logo, the concept visuals of the product itself, all the project visuals and the designs of the external communication channels.


Check out the website below: