Interaction Design
A new way of festival promotion

Assignment: Deliver an individual project that refines your skills as a Communication & Multimedia Designer

Stakeholders: Avans University of applied sciences

Focus: Product Design, Interaction Deisgn, Experience Design

The Netherlands is infamous for its festivals with approximately 845 festivals a year. In order to attract the masses, festivals approach the festival promotion in two forms: offline promotion and online promotion.

Offline promotion includes print media, such as posters, billboards, and handouts; a distributable way of informing festival-goers festival dates, line-ups, and locations. The second form is online media, which includes social media. Before I began this project, I had done both offline and online social marketing to increase promotion for festivals in my neighborhood. This involved putting up posters for the event and sharing festival videos on social media pages. However, during this process, I asked myself whether there was another form of festival promotion.

I began the research for a new form of festival promotion during the third year of my study, Communication and Multimedia Design. We were asked by our tutor to deliver an individual project which required me to refine my skills as a CMD’er. I focused my project on interaction design and combined it with a topic that interests me, festivals. The aim of my research was to analyze the ways festivals are promoted and to find a new way of festival promotion. I wanted to find a way in which the identity and experience of the festivals could be effectively portrayed. I wanted to create something that encourages people to go to the festival, both new and experienced festival-goers. I chose DGTL festival as my (fictitious) client. DGTL festival is an electronic music festival which takes place every year at NSDM Werff in Amsterdam.

The deliverable I created is an interactive installation that presents the line up of the festival. This product was a three-dimensional display of the logo of DGTL festival. The abstract shapes together created an interesting object for people to play with. Each shape stands for a different stage of the festival. Each stage has its own DJ's, its own music style and also its own identity. People can interact with the shapes by touching them and consequently, they could hear, feel and experience the music of the different stages. 

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