Figaro Hairstyling - Website

"Lara gave us a tip that our outdated website could could be freshened up. We expressed our wishes and thanks to her ideas and advice we are now very happy with our new website. Lara is a pleasant person to work with and is driven to make something beautiful out of it."


Figaro Hairstyling is a hair salon based in Montfoort. They have been welcoming their customers for over 16 years now. Figaro's experienced team consists of several professional hairstylists. 


The goal 

Figaro made use of a website that was part of their administration software-package. This package allowed them to create a few basic webpages with information. This website was fine for them in the beginning, but over the years it got more and more outdated. The possibilities to change content in the CMS was also very limited. The owner of Figaro had a need for a new, dynamic website with a modern look and feel, with the possibility to keep his own content up to date.

The new website needed to be clear: it needed to be easy for people to find information about Figaro and to make their appointment.

The website

I created a fully custom new website for them in Webflow.  It consists of a few dynamic pages which are easily to maintain via Webflow's user-friendly CMS. The new website is straight forward and makes it easy for customers to book their appointment. The website has a professional look and feel that matches the style of the brand. The photography and style elements give the website more personality. 


I also took professional photos of the salon that I used for the website.